june 2019 | event “earth” cromarbo s.a.

botanical installation by horty poetry to celebrate the beauty of marbles

IMG_5828 (3).jpg

march | april | may 2019 flower pop up

by Horty poetry at la forêt de lucia | 156 rue franz merjay . 1050 brussels


january 2019 | event UCB biopharma

flowers mobile by horty poetry FOR OUT OF OFFICE & the studio | corporate EVENT UCB BIOPHARMA | anderlecht


december 2018 | dried flowers cloud

dried flowers cloud by horty poetry for la forêt de lucia | ixelles

photo by frédéric raevens


december 2018 | storefront

storefront - green camaieu by horty poetry for lucia esteves lifestyle concept store | ixelles

photo by frédéric raevens


december 2018|dried flowers bomb

dried flowers bomb by horty poetry for matieres nomades | genval


november 2018|private event

by horty poetry | dinner among the leaves & birches - private event | ardennes belges


september 2018| “formes libres”


artcurial - exhibition “formes libres” - jewels & ceramics by sophie ghor - floral design by horty poetry


june 2018 flower pop up

Maison 8 - interior design studio / Brussels / at the invitation of Cecile bouchat-grosjean

WAW290518 (28).jpg

spring 2018 floral accessories for thierry smits

by Horty Poetry for the contemporary dance performance waw of the choregrapher Thierry Smits | Compagnie Thor | Théâtre Varia / brussels

photo by hichem dahes